Public Procurement Tender



MOIRA Conductive Education Centre and its consortium partner won one of the public procurement tenders announced by the Russian Federation in 2014 with score 100/100 maximal rating.Russian Project 2014

According to that 300 cerebral palsy children and youngsters arrived to us for a three-week long developing and rehabilitation.

Our orthopaedist MD, 32 conductors, 6 native Russian philologist-interpreters (with Master degree of Hungarian language and culture), 2 scientific researcher colleagues was working on to deliver the highest possible level of development to the cerebral palsy children and young adults, and to give such a home-based developing programme to the parents which are tailor-made to their children.

We made comprehensive individual developmental documentation (written and video) about our participants’ three-week long, all-day long conductive educational developing. At the end of the third week the parents and the young adults received their individualized conductive educational tasks, which help them to maintain the results achieved during the three weeks, and to keep developing.

We received written feedbacks and film interviews from the parents and the young adults about their experiences aRussian Project 2014nd satisfaction.

Some of the film interviews can be watched on our Russian site:


We recorded our developmental results, the effectiveness of the conductive educational sessions on the first and last day of the three-week long periods with the help of scientific measurements and processed them with validated research methods.


The staff of our consortium partner from Budapest and from Eastern Hungary ensured the participating children’s, their parents’ and the young adults’ travel, accommodation and free time programme.



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