Intensive Courses Abroad


MOIRA Conductive Education Centre started to run courses abroad for foreign specialists in 1992.ce_course_abroadlithuania_120
Since this time MOIRA run several successful course in the following institutes:

1992 Scotland Edinburgh Queen Margaret College
  Norway Fredrikstad Furutun School
1993 Belgium Brussels La Famille
  Norway Oslo Norsk Forum for Konduktiv Pedagogikk
1994 Belgium Brussels La Famille
1995 Belgium Brussels La Famille
  Belgium Leuven Stap voor Stap
  Belgium Antwerpen Infantele Encephalopathie v.z.w.
1997 Canada Calgary PACE Rehabilitation Program
  Canada Toronto Ontario March of Dimes
  Norway Hamar PTO Centre
  Poland Zamosc Ósrodek Rehabilitacyjno Terapeutyczny
1998 Luxemburg Luxembourg Schrett fir Schrett
1999 Norway Fredrikstad Furutun School
  USA Albuquerque Parents Reaching out to the Families of NM
2001 Lithuania Kaunas Kaunas Child Development Clinic
2002 USA Albuquerque Conductive Education New Mexico
2006 Komi Republic Syktyvkar Sanatorium Lozym
 2009  Komi Republic  Syktyvkar

Sanatorium Lozym

 2011  China  Guangdong p.  Early Intervention C.
 2012  China  Guangdong p.  Early Intervention C.
 2013  China  Guangdong p.  Early Intervention C, Rehabilitation Inst.
 2015  China  Guangdong p.  Rehabilitation Dept, SZDPF
  Russia Moscow Rehabilitation Center
2016 China Jiangmen Rehabilitation Comittee of Guangdong Province
2017 China Guangdong p. Children Rehabilitation Center
2018 China Guangdong p. Rehabilitation Dept, SZDPF


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