Stroke Programme




The main aim of the „STROKE PROGRAMME”


To teach independent living skills. To enable the patient to  learn to change position and place unaided in order to achieve independent walking (with or without special aids)  


This programme takes into account also, the importance of training and re-education of the upper limbs, including hands and fine finger movements..


The key aim of the Stroke Programme is to improve the quality of life of the patients and so enable them to become active members of their families and their communities.


WHOM WE RECOMMEND  this program:

This programme is recommended for those patients who

  • do not require regular medical treatment or hospital attendance.
  • Those who are able to stand up with or without help or special aids.
  • Those who are able to stand for a few minutes.



  1. Uncontrolled raised blood pressure.
  2. A patient not allowed  to undertake hard physical activities
  3. A patient diagnosed with serious heart or vascular disease.



„STROKE PROGRAMME”  at Hotel Beke:

- Conductive rehabilitation: will be carried out by experienced specialists (conductors) of the MOIRA Centre

- Spa therapy and traditional rehabilitation treatments: these therapies and treatments are done by the professionals of Therapeutic Department of Hotel Beke




You can apply for the „Stroke Programme”-at MOIRA CENTRE:

-          E-mail:

-          tel: 06-1-250-24-77 or 06-20-661-68-14



Period:         10th – 21st  September 2018. (week 37-38)





  • Duration:                    2 weeks, 10 session (sessions are 2 hours: 120 minutes)
  • Type of the sessions:  individual or group session (type of the session is decided by the specialist of MOIRA, based on the patients’ conditions)

       Number of participants in the group sessions: max. 4

Medical examination is necessary before the first session. This examination will be done by the doctor of rheumatology of Therapeutic Department of the Hotel.



Individual sessions:         Subscription for 10 occasions

                                      50 € / 2 hours session  

                                      (10 times x 50 € = 500 €)


Group sessions:                Subscription for 10 occasions

                                        38 € / 2 hours group session 

                                        (10 times x 38 € = 380 €)


Applying for the sessions is possible only in that case if the patient stays at Hotel Béke.


Conductive Education report:

Those patients who participated in each session will receive a Conductive Education report (like medical report) at the last session.


MOIRA Conductive Education Centre
H-1113 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 152, Hungary
+36 1 250 2477, +36-20-661-6814